Friday, March 30, 2012

Life as I know it- Part 2

To be a corporate sell-out wasn't the bestest idea in the world.! Like every other fancy thing it starts out as fun and then turns out to be the worst nightmare of a lifetime! And all you want is to get out and go back home to a life that you once hated.. The other side is ALWAYS greener! And why is that i ask? Can't it be simple enough to figure out what we want in life? Do we always have to learn from mistakes? 

Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn; my God you learn!

Life as I know it..

    Life changed and so did priorities.. But that's the thing about life. It changes constantly.. It surprises you overnight and leaves you staggered.. Catching up with it sometimes feels like hard work because changes aren’t always favourable. Some might be flattering. It gives you a sense of achievement, like it all happened for good. But there are those for which we can't help feeling that we have left our heart and souls behind,somewhere along the way from a hoary past to a stagnant present - those that makes you wanna undo it all and just run back to how it all used to be.. These changes sometimes make you do things that you wish you hadn’t. But the memories of stay engraved and burns like a fresh wound everytime you think of those times.

There should be a pill you can take to make it all go away.. The changes, the regrets, the memories – all of it. I wish life was that simple.  But if it was, you’d never have stories to tell..