Friday, December 31, 2010

Some perky thoughts bout the year that's goin by..

Adieu 2010
It's 11.50pm and counting.. Wishes flying all around for a hearty and wonderful 2011. Wow i must say, 2010 went by pretty fast! Wut an eventful year it was.. Memorable, sweet and all the adjectives you could add. Though the end did give me quite a "traumatic" reality check, i miss all wut went by. And since airtel's charging me a cruel 1.50rs to wish all who i want to, looks like i should resort to the more economic and ever faithful facebook to do the job!

Watching the sunset was lovely. Definately photograpic material! But since i'm no good at photography, forgive the tragedies of the above image :). I was trying to capture the setting sun and not the lamp-post. *sigh*

Aaand it's 2011.!Gotta go wake up the neighbours!! ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Perky Thoughts..

Writing a diary always seemed simple and easy and safe. I could pen down any thought i wanted to. Loved writing until the time it got really DANGEROUS! It's hard to keep u'r secrets within a diary that's easily accessible to u'r "nosy" roomies ;). And somehow my novel like write ups intrigued them so much that they actually sat down and read all of it!! So quit writing about 3 years back. Though i've been wanting to write all these years, it just never was the right time or the right mood. Sometimes i do wonder what the condtion of all those diaries stacked away in the attic will be by now, besides being food for the silver-fish. And in a way i'm sure if i read all of it now i'll probably realise how stupid they all were.

After 3 long years i have a very strong feeling that writing a blog might not be as easy. Though i still believe in the contemporary pen-and-paper style, the smell of paper, ink smudges, strikes n scribbles, cz nothing beats a personal touch, i guess it's definately worth the try! Afterall it'll give my lazy rusted brains some exercise.
So here we go..


P.S  Dear blog, forgive me if i abandon you in the due course of time. It's not cz i hate you. It's only cz i've moved on to other "interesting" things to do like wasting time and being lazy.

Gratitude to those who inspired :)

Writing was never a passion. But loved scribbling. Behind notebooks, on the desk, on the wall and where not! And that's when a few people inspired me to write a blog.. So here's to those who ate my head to start writing..
John Gregory- Owner of quite a few blogs of his own!
Christopher Fernandes- The wordsmith and my very personal dictionary! Can't do without you :)
Josh Mathew- The one who i experiment my writings on!
And Alisha Varkey- My BIGGEST inspiration and the best roomie anybody could ask for!!
Oh and ofcourse Rishin Mathers- For spending the wee hours of night to find a name!! :D