Thursday, February 21, 2013


They call us the manKIND..
Funny how that becomes one of the most inappropriate and hypocritical phrase I've heard..
We hear stories and sometimes experience little acts of kindness from a complete stranger that apparently restores faith and hope on this hopeless world..
But the bigger picture paints a mean and cruel world where mercy, sympathy and humanity is a luxury and proves what Darwin said decades ago..
Newspapers and all kinds of information devices bombard us everyday with proof so an explanation would be unnecessary.. But it becomes a habit for us to hunt for that little piece of good news which helps us appreciate ourselves a little more.. 
Man is a social animal so I guess survival of the fittest is indeed the right way to put it..
That makes man his own enemy.. Its no surprise mankind is after all not-so-kind..

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Ironies of life :/

Have you ever noticed that when you're a pedestrian walking along and across the length and breadth of a road, those who choose to drive past you or honk at you are reckless morons without any road-sense.
Lets switch..
Now your'e at the steering wheel of a car driving past pedestrians walking along and across the length and breadth of a road; and suddenly they're all senseless idiots who can't see where they're going..

Ironic isn't it??

Saturday, February 16, 2013

That ship has sailed he said...

Well i say go ahead my friend.. But i'll miss you..
And when you look back i'll be anchored right here..
Hoping that some day your ship might want to sail back :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Winds of change..

I think its time to grow out of Perky Thoughts and all the pun related thereby..

So presenting to you.. Infinite Thoughts.. Same blog, same thoughts.. A little evolved.. :)

Love- from the eyes of a cynic...

 Over the years we've all come to know Love. There are different forms to it I agree. But I'm talking solely about the one that we have taken a day off the calender to blow up red balloons and gift red roses to acknowledge (The very day I reckon might in the near future classify to be an International holiday if you'd let - says a most cynical me! ). We've read and deciphered various definitions of it by hordes of people trying to explain this peculiar form of emotion in what they call simple terms. People write books about Love which they say define this state of mind called 'being in Love'. Some even tend to offer solutions to anybody with an aching heart. But is it really that simple? Or is it the most demanding frame of mind anybody could be in?

Some say Love is divine and magical and it demands sacrifice and patience and selfless gestures and tolerance and all the other synonyms that is known to mankind and also a lot of hurt and pain and that you only hurt when you're truly in Love. Contradicting and most interesting as it is, some say if it hurts it can't be Love.. I say that's more than enough to confuse someone like me. We all experience Love at some point in life- the familiar longing to see, hear, feel and just be involved. I had a professor of mine recently tell me that everything might look all rosy and splendid at the beginning but things aren't always what they seem to be. Though he said that on a completely different context I've come to experience that it is perfectly applicable here as well.

I've seen Love that has lasted for years I've also seen years of it falling apart on a fine day. How did that happen? Does love cease to exit? Do people run out of Love? Does Love have a past tense called 'Loved'? Is it really such a mysterious emotions or do we complicate it with all the needless drama?

Though the cynical part of me would rather jump off a cliff i have to agree that Love is beyond age and all possible human boundaries. And it is one of the strongest emotions that drives us to do the wildest imaginable things in life. It conquers and enslaves us to concede to its demands. It takes you as high as ecstasy and mercilessly lets you fall the height destroying your ability to reason.
Love hurts but it heals as well.. Love demands but it gives as well.. 

Love.. The most mysterious emotion I've ever endured..

Love.. Because beneath every cynic is a frustrated romantic..