Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Last Prayer..

I leave with a broken heart, and a body that’s torn apart.
Bidding goodbye to life and all the dreams that kept me alive.
I am woman and that’s the sin I’m paying for, that’s why I have to leave,
because life has become so hard for me to live.
I’m sorry ma I couldn’t stay longer, but this pain I can take no longer.
Wishes and dreams flash before my eyes, of all that was and all that could have been.
They’re all so distant now like the far blue sky.
Memories flash by, oh what I would give to not say goodbye.
Tell my friends I’ll miss them ma, and tell them to miss me too.
Tell the world my story ma, cause nobody deserves to go like this.
And when I’m done this world will move on.
And forget me like a nightmare from the past.
I’ll be just a story in old paper stalls drowned in candy floss.
You don’t forget me ma, I want to live through you,
and see this world in light and all new.
I’ll close my eyes keeping a prayer alight
That someday I come back into this world, as a different soul maybe, I wouldn’t mind.
I wish to be born again to live all that I’m leaving behind.
But oh cruel world will you let a woman survive?