Thursday, March 10, 2011

YES! I write random blogs :/

         Telling u'r friends that u've a blog.. As exciting as it sound, is a one way ticket to being the laughing stock for the next really really long time.They probably expect big complicated flowery words right out from d pages of an Oxford english dictionary that form a bunch of crazily meaningless sentences that make no sense at all, but finally gets acknowledged as the "best read"! Well hate to break it to ya'll but i guess that's not my ishtyle.. And wut i find bloggable will probably be one of the most hilarious posts u'll ever read :)
       There's one more qstn i've often come across.. "Why splash u'r feelings across the internet?" Well as valid as that point is, it's bout perspective.. If that's the case why do people write novels? Why write reviews? Why write a thesis on u'r final sem proj esp when it's all bout u'r own hypothesis?! Why write a status on FB? Well honestly it's because u know tht at some point u'll come across people who share similar interests, similar experiences.Because writing is a form of relaxation; helps to put order in thoughts; a blog can be something like a journal. I think that many people keep diaries, or journals, to write thoughts down and reflect. Many, many people find that sharing thoughts helps to relieve them.. A personal blog, is just a way to get things out, and if people choose to comment, then great. If not – it’s still out there.If you aren't already blogging, you're missing out on a simple and easy chance to have some fun and inform the world about something you love.

Monday, March 7, 2011

The Lifesaver!

Early morns when nth seems right
In troubled times, when hunger strikes,
I walk by the store n see u flash a smile
And all i want is to take u in my arms!

         Aaaah who am i kidding! That doesnt even rhyme :/ Anyway all i wanted to do is acknowledge one of the most lifesaving and economic gastronomic delights (lol) of all times.. Presenting The Britannia Cookies :D..

Laugh all u want but this li'l fellow has saved me from collapsing in d never ending assemblies a million times.. Not many people enjoy 9 perfectly baked (oh yes i counted them) cookies with a spread of butter and a tinge of elaichi dipped in fresh coffee.. LEGEN.. wait for it... DARY :P