Friday, December 31, 2010

Some perky thoughts bout the year that's goin by..

Adieu 2010
It's 11.50pm and counting.. Wishes flying all around for a hearty and wonderful 2011. Wow i must say, 2010 went by pretty fast! Wut an eventful year it was.. Memorable, sweet and all the adjectives you could add. Though the end did give me quite a "traumatic" reality check, i miss all wut went by. And since airtel's charging me a cruel 1.50rs to wish all who i want to, looks like i should resort to the more economic and ever faithful facebook to do the job!

Watching the sunset was lovely. Definately photograpic material! But since i'm no good at photography, forgive the tragedies of the above image :). I was trying to capture the setting sun and not the lamp-post. *sigh*

Aaand it's 2011.!Gotta go wake up the neighbours!! ;)

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