Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Being the only one :/

              The thing bout growing up as mum dad's only child is i've always got what i've wanted. What more can a kid ask for besides barbies, bikes and chocolates.. Even better- i never had to share!But honestly it's one of those li'l joys of life that i miss. Not to forget those endless hours of having to sit all alone at home when mum dad're away at work.. *sigh*.. Wonder wut it'll be like to hav those petty fights over toys and clothes and who is loved more..Always been jealous of those pampered younger kids and how they take advantage of the elder ones.. Some say it's otherwise.. Like how the grass is greener on the other side.. And having an elder one or a younger is a pain cz they always put you in trouble by being the smarter one! Somebody to fight with, to hav endless talks through the night, to hit on the same guy(if i had a sis that is :P) sonuds fun! Atleast it's anyday better thn sittin all alone at home wondering what to do when mum n dad're at work :(

Guess i'll never let my children feel this way!!

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  1. You still got the urge to wanna share your things I'd love to help!