Monday, March 7, 2011

The Lifesaver!

Early morns when nth seems right
In troubled times, when hunger strikes,
I walk by the store n see u flash a smile
And all i want is to take u in my arms!

         Aaaah who am i kidding! That doesnt even rhyme :/ Anyway all i wanted to do is acknowledge one of the most lifesaving and economic gastronomic delights (lol) of all times.. Presenting The Britannia Cookies :D..

Laugh all u want but this li'l fellow has saved me from collapsing in d never ending assemblies a million times.. Not many people enjoy 9 perfectly baked (oh yes i counted them) cookies with a spread of butter and a tinge of elaichi dipped in fresh coffee.. LEGEN.. wait for it... DARY :P

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