Sunday, May 15, 2011


Of four years that's gone by
Of days that'll never be
Of sleepless nights and endless talks
Of tears, fears and cheers
Of fights big n small
Of heartaches and heartbreaks
Of the good, the bad and the ugly days
Of all that midnight snacking
Of all the sundays spent hogging
Of birthday bashes and wierd cakes
Of people who walked in and made life better
Of people who walked out n made life awesome
Of people you blindly trust no matter what
Of people you can never trust how hard you try
Of hypocrites and some more
Of grooving to the thump and joint "crowing"
Of trips that wer planned but never made
Of last night preps n coffee that saves lives
Of the first crush and the sweetness after
Of love and the bitterness after
Of an extra slow internet connection
Of washing tons of stinkers in one go
Of four years that flew by
Memories that'll never die..

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