Saturday, November 3, 2012

Biography of a Pen..

My pen has a mind of its own. Sometimes it re-defines the realms of  its existence and forms phrases out of words that I never imagined would someday come out of me. What fuels it I wonder? Probably the emotional spill over because that’s what I end up writing about time and again. But it sure has evolved from a phase of  compete lameness into a more sophisticated being. Sometimes it just amazes me and spins a tale of dreams just like magic. Sometimes it breaks into an endless rant-a-thon.  But there are times when it seems lost, not just during exams when it fails the essential need of its existence and causes noting but despair, but even otherwise. What is it thinking? Can it sense my frame of mind?  I doubt because it’s never as swift as my thoughts. They say a pen is mightier than the sword. Yes mine’s a warrior- Bold, fearless, manipulative.. Sometimes reckless too. Yes we struggle sometimes but it’s the only channel in me that relishes true liberty that we are said to have according to the Indian constitution. A pen can change the world they say. And I’m hoping mine will; Someday.