Sunday, March 17, 2013

Each of us would have, at some point in life, secretly wished for a super power. I definitely have but it kept varying from time to time due to a very strong influence of all those movies I watched. Sometimes I wanted to be a mutant like Jean Grey from the X-men, sometimes I wanted to be Wonder-woman (which I still want to) , and sometimes I wanted teleportation. But the strongest wish that held on through years is the one to fly. Fly with wings like a bird or without wings like superman I wouldn’t mind. Just the very thought of gliding across the clouds under the star-lit sky into the vastness of the horizons gives me the Goosebumps... All the places i could go to and all the nasty bus rides i could avoid and all the evil things i could do *evil grin*
 I’ve heard people say riding a bike or driving gives you a sense of freedom. A liberation from all that’s holding you back. Breaking free and choosing your path. Since I can do neither, I’m just gonna sit here for the time being an build castles in the air about all that I could do if I could fly.. 
Or maybe try some RedBull :P


  1. haha...
    riding does give a special joy ... and red bull.. try :))

  2. True at my age also I am also doing the same thing. Want to be a superpower... Ha ha..

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